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Photo restoration is at the heart of the Photophoenix services. You can feel like you were there once more to relive those old memories by seeing your photos restored to their former glory, and enjoy bringing precious memories back to life, especially when they are of loved ones who are no longer with us. Sadly, sometimes the ravages of time take their toll and reduce valuable old photographs to nothing more than faded paper. Fortunately, there is a solution to hand with our photo restoration service. Old prints can be revived and be given a new lease of life, keeping your recollections of past years alive.

Our Services

Picture restoration is the removal of scratches, blemishes, rips, creases and other damage from your old prints. We can replace missing details quite convincingly, such as legs, arms, feet, eyes and a whole lot more. In fact, you would be amazed by what is actually achievable. Please have a browse through the short gallery below to witness typical restorations.

“Pimp my photo”

We also provide cut-outs, colour cast corrections, plus the removal or addition of people and objects in photos. ( We know you didn’t mean to take a photo with a lamp post “photo-bombing” your shot…did you? 😉 )

Getting your photos to us

There are no two tasks alike when it comes to photo restoration work, therefore we would suggest you send a high resolution scanned copy of your photo for us to give you a free estimate of the repair work necessary. If that is not possible, please enquire at your local post office about a secure method of forwarding your photos. NB. Return postage costs are your responsibility. We always suggest that you give us a call before sending any photos for restoration and ask how we can help. Here’s our contact page ➡ click here.